Whether you are considering renovating your home, putting on an addition or building a new house, we can help. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and to integrate their needs, wants and wishes into our design. We specialize in cozy, energy efficient and “green” construction and have experience in deep energy retrofits and affordable housing projects.


Have you been wondering if you should invest in more insulation, solar panels or a new heating system? We can help you sort through the options, evaluate your return on investment and introduce you to the appropriate specialists. Energy audits, PV, heat pumps, cellulose and radiant heating are all part of our vocabulary.


Thinking about buying or renting an existing house or business space but not sure if it will work for you? We can provide a walk-through consultation to review the building’s foundation, structure, insulation, windows and heating system with you. We can also explore its potential functionality either on site, through conceptual drawings or  via 3-D modeling.