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• Initial (+/- 1hr) meeting between Architect and Client
      o Client interviews architect
          ▪ Confirms architect skillset matches project scope
          ▪ Insure personalities/priorities/timeline are aligned

• Client selects Architect and signs Letter of Agreement [LOA]
      o Architect interviews Client to generate the Program
          ▪ Review project scope, budget, schedule, priorities
          ▪ Client generates a list of needs, wants and wishes
          ▪ Client shares Houzz ideabooks, provides furniture dimensions
          ▪ Architect recommends/vets potential contractors for project
      o Architect researches and defines site restraints
          ▪ Architect measures and photographs existing house

          ▪ Architect draws 3D model of existing house in CAD
          ▪ Secure site survey, town zoning, setbacks, access to site

Creation of Adjacency Diagrams layout of spaces/sizes/flow/etc.
      o Architect sketches a variety of initial concepts based on Program
      o Client reviews sketches and provides feedback, input, thoughts
      o Client interviews/vets potential contractors (Energy Code)

• Architect generates Schematic Design floor plans, site plan, early elevations
      o Architect plots drawings and meets w/Client for review/feedback/revisions
      o Design evolution process w/Client until Client approves Schematic Design
      o Architect refines design and creates 3D CAD model of renovation

• Architect generates Design Development plans for Bid Set
      o Preliminary building sections, foundation plans, electrical, structural, etc.
      o Client reviews/approves Design Development drawings
      o Client chooses contractor, approves design for construction
      o Architect/Contractor meet for integration of HVAC, value engineering, etc.

• Architect generates Bid Set for early estimates from contractor/subcontractors
      o Architect meets with contractors to review Bid Set
      o Architect reviews contractor estimate(s) w/Client

• Architect creates set of Working Drawings for construction
      o Detailed, dimensioned drawings with finishes, specifications, etc.

• Architect represents Client during construction phase
      o Architect collaborates w/contractor, answers questions, details

      o Architect helps Client select materials, fixtures, finishes, etc. as needed
      o Architect oversees project to insure quality of construction & codes

• Client, Architect and Contractor celebrate successful project completion


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