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Alan Benoit, AIA

Being an architect, ecologist and amateur stone sculptor helps me design homes that are welcoming, use space efficiently, connect to their surroundings and are visually pleasing from all angles. More than anything, I pride myself in my ability to listen attentively and understand thoroughly what my clients are looking for. You genuinely have to make that connection with them before you can truly create a home that they will love.

I prefer to lead the way regarding sustainability and I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with the community. I do so through my educational lectures and informative videos which both cover a wide array of topics from beneficial insects to heating systems, and from insulation to living roofs. A licensed member of the American Institute of Architects, I put my experience to use, volunteering on many local town boards and donating hundreds of hours to building trails and designing parks.

Some of my memorable milestones from recent years include…

  • 2009 Passive-solar timber-frame home. Awarded Efficiency Vermont’s 5+ star rating

  • 2010 Deep Energy Retrofit reduced energy use by 82%. Awarded a 5+ star rating

  • 2011-today hosting and presenting over 50 free educational talks

  • 2012 Presented with the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

  • 2013 Home & gardens featured in Organic Garden magazine’s April/May issue

  • 2014-today producing over 25 public educational videos on YouTube

  • 2015 Represented Vermont at AIA Committee on the Environment leadership summit

  • 2016 Completion of “net positive” home addition and renovation

  • 2017 Home & landscape featured in Country Gardens magazine’s spring issue also our home and guest house featured in Vermont Magazine Sept/Oct issue

  • 2018 Efficiency Vermont's "Best of the Best" for new Residential New Construction

  • 2019 Best of HOUZZ Service

I am proud to say that I know Building Science.  A house that is built without properly addressing the dynamic effects of seasonal and daily vapor flows can easily have issues with moisture in the walls, mold and mildew.  To keep up with ever-changing products, procedures and energy codes, I attend Building Science Corporation courses regularly and am an active member of the SEON Building Science Guild.  There is a long list of ways that someone can create a building envelope (walls/roofs/floors) that will have problems, but only a few ways to get them right. I know the difference and understand the science behind it.

A house should respect nature, blend with the landscape, and create a sense of place. It should be efficient, welcoming, timeless, and filled with features tailored to the clients’ needs. My passion for architecture and respect for nature allow me to integrate all of these features harmoniously into a design and gives me the privilege of making my clients’ dreams come true.

AIA empowers architects to design a world that allows people, communities, and our planet to thrive.
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